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Gazprom Export HQ

GE HQ - Office building on Ostrovsky Square in St. Petersburg, Russia


had the role of the General contractor and Design developer. The Project was of  high complexity, mainly due to the coordination between a large number of subcontracting companies from the UK, Russia and Serbia.

The building was originally designed and constructed as a hotel, and upon Client’s requirement it was reconstructed as the office building of the highest category.

Reconstruction of the building included the demolition and later reconstruction of R/C slabs, columns and walls on all levels, with complete preservation of the facade.

The new facility has a modern glass atrium roof, skeletal reinforced concrete structure, combined with a steel reinforcements with particular massive steel beams on bigger spans and on the roof above the atrium.

The total area is 18.500m2 and includes a 7 floor modern furnished office space, meeting rooms, an auditorium, a gym, mini-kitchens... Vertical transportation is provided by escalators and passenger panoramic elevators.

One of the main characteristics of the facility is complete control of all system through advanced Building Management System, which was implemented in accordance with the highest standards of "intelligent buildings".