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1990. - 2000. - Decade of major projects in Russia

In the course this decade, realized in Russia 11 projects on a turnkey basis. The total square area of these construction projects exceeds 250.000 м2. The most important of them are the Factory of Refrigerators in Lipetsk (110.000 м2), Business Centre Mostransgaz in Moscow (90.000 м2) with the 42MW power generating unit, reconstruction of the Gazexport office building in Moscow as well as NLMK office building in Lipetsk. Our clients were NLMK from Lipetsk, Gazexport and Mostransgaz.
In 1991, was transformed into the joint-stock company.
1961. - 1970.
1970. - 1980.
Decade of expansion in the international market
1980. - 1990.
Projects in Czechoslovakia, Libya and Iraq
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